What sets Park House Apart?

Staff are expected to look after their patients and residents as they would care for their own parents. There are 130 members of staff, almost all local, with at least 4 registered nurses on duty.



Park House has evolved from one of Tenby’s major hotels to being something of a benchmark standard as a care home. It retains its character and many of its hotel functions, treating patients as guests, respecting their privacy and dignity and individual personality.

It is especially effective in getting patients back on the road to recovery when they have had operations or other medical treatment at Bancyfelin, Withybush or one of the other hospitals in the Dyfed area. A two or three week stay at Park House can make a world of difference to coping once more at home.


In January 1997, Park House Hotel closed its doors for the last time as one of Tenby’s Principal hotels. After three months refurbishment it opened again as a Nursing Home. Jan Evans was the matron, leading the team and setting the standards that have made Park House Court the nursing home that it is now. She opened with 12 bedrooms, within two years it had 70, and now it has 97.


Peter, Phillip and Christopher Parker who are the present-day directors of Park House Court, initially converted it for their elderly parents, who had owned and run the hotel thirty years ago. Peter is the brother who “meets and greets, fetches and carries.” He is the one responsible for the practical daily tasks and has a great rapport with the residents. Phillip is the financial director, and Christopher takes care of the fabric of the buildings and the spacious grounds.



We are proud that over half the staff have been with us for a long period, and many from day 1. 

From the beginning we have promoted from within, our Care team have a career path, and 100% of employees have access to development training and qualifications. we celebrate those who do well and go on to other things, in recent past this includes Hotel Management, Team Leader Hospitality, Nursing, and Management. In house we also have those who move between teams, thus making the whole company more cohesive.


We have an in-house Accredited, experienced, and qualified training team that supports all who work for us, responding to Legislation, Regulation and best practice. They also offer their services to other businesses within the service sector as experienced practitioners.

Amongst the successes are: UK Award for Health & Safety within Health and Social Care (included NHS), UK Award for Cleaner of the Year, Wales Award for Care Apprentice of the Year, wales Award for Welsh Speaker of the Year, Wales Learner of the Year.

We recognise the R.C.N. with nurses and carers being members, until recently very Active with Learning & Safety at all Wales level. Currently Chair of Mid & West Wales RLSP, advising Welsh Government on the needs of the care Team.

Apart from the required qualifications the team have earned: Advice & Guidance, Health & Safety, training, Cleaning, Management at serval levels and support learning Welsh & English.


Nowadays the atmosphere is still that of a comfortable hotel, and residents can individualise their rooms, bringing in furniture, pictures and other bits and pieces, and even changing the décor if need be. The aim is to make it as near to your own home as possible while living in a common setting . The restaurant, which holds the Welsh Food Hygiene Gold Standard Award 2010, provides a choice of four main courses for lunch in the dining room.

Staff are expected to look after their patients and residents as they would care for their own parents. There are 160 members of staff, almost all local with at least six registered nurses on duty in the morning and five in the afternoon.

Special Care


Not all patients are elderly of course, as ages of residents range from 39 to 99. If someone was the victim of a road traffic accident, stroke or fall, we can meet any or such special need or disability, mental or physical.

For instance, a sensory room within the Mental Health unit has been set up as a calming influence for distressed residents, avoiding the use of drugs in favour of a pleasant experience of music, soft lighting, aromas, and touch. This has been funded in memory of previous residents.

Each year residents select a charity to support, this year holding a coffee morning and raffle. A variety of activities take place throughout the week. Recently residents, staff and relatives enjoyed a fabulous bike ride raising funds.

Park House Court’s policy is one of openness, realism, and respect for people’s feelings—it is run as a tight ship but nothing about it is institutionalised. A resident’s day-to-day happiness and well-being is seen as being paramount in their overall health care,

With all the comforts of home, a family atmosphere and the facilities of modern-day nursing, it is a first-class establishment to spend your days, recover from operation or illness, to enjoy a week or two of tender respite care or just a break over Christmas. For that, as they say in the best hotels, early booking is recommended.


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